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Artificial Olive Tree – 6FT Tall Faux Silk Plant for Home Office Decor Indoor Fake Potted Tree with Natural Wood Trunk and Life like Fruits

  • The trunk of this beautiful artificial olive tree is made of natural wood, paired with lifelike leaves and fruits, it will be an ideal decoration for your home and office, creating a tropical atmosphere for your living environment.
  • The faux silk olive tree is super easy to maintain. No watering, pruning or fertilizer applying needed, all you need to do is place it in the space and dust it regularly, it will stay fresh for eternal.
  • Our artificial olive trees come pre-assembled in heavy-duty pots made of plastic and concrete, so each tree can stand on its own. What’s more, the pots are moderately sized at 6×5 inches, which makes it easy to install in other pots to bring the best decorative effect to your home and office.
  • The olive tree branches are adjustable and you can easily rearrange them to your liking. Item may need to be reshaped when removed from the box.
  • The 72 inch tall fake olive tree is perfectly sized for interior decoration. It is ideal for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, reading rooms, dining rooms and offices, and is also perfect for entryways, patios and commercial locations such as bookstores and coffee shops.
Additional information
Weight 162.56 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 72 in

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Artificial olive tree

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