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4 Pcs Fake Grass Plant Indoor –  Artificial Faux Grass Plant | Fake Faux Grass Plant Greenery (Orange and Green) for Home Office Decor 

  • Fake Grass Plant Indoor is UV resistant and will never fade. They remain undamaged by the sun’s heat. Dust from long-term use can be easily washed away with water, restoring their appearance like new.
  • The leaves and flowers of these artificial plants are made of plastic, while the stems consist of plastic and iron wire, providing a sturdy and lifelike structure.
  • Each package includes 4 pcs of artificial fake grass plastic plants, offering a versatile and vibrant addition to your decor.
  • The lifelike arrangement of these artificial plants gives them a natural appearance, making them an excellent choice for any landscape project or decorative style. Perfect for flower pots, vases, containers, and more.
  • These artificial fake grass plastic plants can be placed both indoors and outdoors, from front porches, backyards, and gardens to balconies, window sills, and offices. They are UV resistant and will retain their vibrant colors without fading.
Additional information
Weight .306 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 × 7.8 × 15.7 in

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