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22 Head Fake Sunflowers Bouquet – Artificial Silk Sunflowers – Artificial indoor Flowers for Wedding Home Office Party Decor

  1. Artificial Elegance: Enhance your space with a bouquet of 22 lifelike sunflowers. They brings long lasting beauty.
  2. Premium Materials: Crafted from silk and plastic for a natural appearance and durability.
  3. Cheerful Color Palette: Vibrant yellow and green hues add a lively touch to your decor.
  4. Perfectly Proportioned: Each sunflower stands at about 32 cm in height with a 4cm diameter. It is presented in a bouquet of 22 heads.
  5. Versatile Packaging: Includes 3 bouquets of artificial sunflowers to brighten up your surroundings. No vase included. Ideal for DIY centerpieces and various decorative arrangements.
Additional information
Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 7.09 × 4.41 × 1.77 in

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