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Silk Flowers in Bulk Wholesale Artificial Orchids, 10 Pcs (Each 20”), for Wedding Festive Party Home Office Decoration, Not Include Vase

  • Up close it is obviously artificial, but far away it looks nice. Package Includes Artificial Dancing Orchid Flowers (No Include Vase).
  • Flowers are made of silk. Wire wrapped with plastics is used for firmness and angle-adjustable in creating the stems.
  • Pack of 12 is approx 38.5″ in length. Pack of 11 is approx 28″ in length. Pack of 10 is approx 20″ in length.
  • The branches of the bouquet are capable of adjusting the bending angle freely. You can decide on the shape of the bouquet according to your needs.
  • Orchid means happiness and relaxing. Perfect for wedding, party, home, Office, garden, hotel, Festive Furnishing. Don’t hesitate to click “Buy Now” and let’s see How beautiful your flower craft is!
Additional information
Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 20 × 4 in

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